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About Mandi Farms

Mandi Farms helps people to set up hydroponic farms at large landscape for commercial farming and also at small spaces such as terraces, balconies for domestic consumption.

We provide automated and patented solutions for hydroponic farms. We are a bunch of scientist, bio-technologists and agriculturists, doing research in the domain of hydroponics.

Mandi Farms also help in selling the farm produce to the consumers or businesses through e-commerce platform.

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Mandi Systems

Mandi Systems are uniquely designed modular and scalable systems. We have grown 70 crop varieties in our systems including creepers, underground crops, flowers and leafy greens.

We provide custom solutions using box systems or NFT systems and post-installation service, nutrients, high quality seeds, and consultancy services.

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Registered Office: #33, 3rd Floor, 8th B Main Road, Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore, KA, 560011

R&D Lab:Makerfarm 397, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560097, India

Tel: +91-8755-8755-78